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Coram Deo Martial Arts: Karate and Marital Arts Classes Fused with Christianity’s Greatest Lessons

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13

At Coram Deo, we use the teachings of the Scripture and the tutelage of our expert martial artists to empower students to defend themselves while developing their faith and knowledge of Christian principles. 

Founded by Dr. Allen Sapp and Mr. Martin Pedata, Coram Deo is a unique institution that is part martial arts studio and part ministry.  We believe that the mental and spiritual needs of our students are as important as the physical. We have designed a program that incorporates the study of biblical verse along with the teaching of martial arts, so that before a student is promoted to the next belt, they are studied not only in the physical forms of the martial art, but also in the spiritual principles that are important to progress mentally to the next level of study.

We offer weekly lessons in Judo.

We also hold a Bible Study once per week, and church on Sunday mornings. Our focus is bringing physical fitness and Christian enlightenment to all of our students, and we offer programs suitable for preschool-aged children through senior citizens. Our staff is also available for presentations for schools and businesses. 

Our studio is located in downtown DeLand, FL, which is easily accessed via I-4 from the beaches and is just minutes away from neighboring cities, such as Orange City, Deltona and Debary.  Whether you’re looking for karate lessons with a deeper meaning, or feel that you would benefit from a ministry with a physical aspect, we welcome you into our family of students and teachers who are strengthening their spiritual minds and bodies through the lessons of martial arts and the teachings of Christ.

About Our Instructors

Dr. Allen Sapp has more than 50 years of study in martial arts, and is an ordained minister and practicing evangelist.  He has trained state, national, and international medalists and is himself a recipient of various medals and honors in the field of martial arts. 

Karen Sapp is a 12 time state champion, 5 time national champion and has won a silver medal at the Canadian National Exhibition International Championships.

Contact us to learn more about our instructors and programs of spiritual and physical study.

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