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Christian Karate Classes Teach Kids Discipline and Respect

Our Christian karate classes teach kids in the Deltona area the self discipline and respect they need to have the confidence to overcome difficult situations they may encounter in life.  We combine the teachings of scripture with fundamental self defense skills in a nurturing, healthy and competitive environment that fosters a lifetime of inter-personal growth and inspiration.

As a Christian martial arts academy serving Deltona and nearby communities, our karate classes are under the direction of martial arts experts who have a special gift for instilling the virtues of humility, self control and remaining calm under stress with our younger students. This helps them build character and a solid foundation.

Parents who want to provide their kids with an extra curricular activity that is practical, healthy and educational can enroll their kids in our karate classes in the Deltona area. For scheduling and availability, contact us at (407) 314-5707 today!

Martial Arts:

  • Judo

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